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Superyacht Management Co


Superyacht Management 


The whole point of owning a Yacht is Enjoyment, enjoying the experience of the sea, the ports, the time away from work or the office. Our job as managers is to take all the stress of ship ownership away from you so that you can just enjoy your experience onboard. We will handle the following aspects of yacht ownership for you 

  • Safety Management   
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Crewing
  • Operations
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Shipyard 
  • Project Management 

Management Charges

Guardianage of Motor Yachts up-to 15 meters

Daily:      Check Lines, and Bildges

Weekly:     Wash down, Run: Engines, Generators, Aircon, Pumps and Heads. 

Monthly:     30 minutes Sea Trial and operate all systems.

Monthley Charge : B45,000+ cleaning equipment and maintenance items as required


Motor Yachts of 16 meters to 20 meters

with part time deck hand 20 hrs week.

Daily :    Check lines and bildges, clean as necessary.

weekly :    Wash down, Run: Engines, Generators,  Aircon, Pumps, Heads.

Monthly:     30 min sea trial, Run all systems.

Monthly Charge:   B65,000 + Cleaning and maintenance items as required.


Motor Yachts  21 meters to 24 meters

with full time deck hand.

Daily:    Check lines and Bildges, + Planned Maintenance and cleaning inside and outside as required, 

Weekly:    Run Engines, Generators, Aircon, pumps and Heads.

Monthly:     30 minute sea trial and test all systems.


B85,000 per month + cleaning and maintenance items as required.


Crewed vessels 24 meters to 35 meters 

Operating under the LY3/ Red Ensign Group Large Yacht Code or Equivalent 

Charges: B95,000 per month 

included items:



maintenance and repair

Safety Management 


Not Included:


Shipyard Management 

Project Management 


Superyacht Management